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Type Line Description
todo 368 This array could be auto-populated with validation rules for a survey's fields from the Warehouse.
todo 1695 Implement a more complete list of validation rules.


Type Line Description
todo 595 select file button pointer overriden by the flash shim
todo 595 flickr
todo 595 if using a normal file input, after validation, the input needs to show that the file upload has worked.
todo 595 Cleanup uploaded files that never got submitted because of validation failure elsewhere.
todo 2008 This does not work for reloading data at the moment, when using split lat long mode.
todo 5385 Handle vague dates. At the moment we just use the start date.
todo 5451 full handling of the control_type. Only works for text data at the moment.
todo 332 , raise an error to developer


Type Line Description
todo 133 Allow additional params to filter by table column or report parameters
todo 133 Display a filter form for direct mode
todo 133 For report mode, provide an AJAX/PHP button that can load the report from parameters in a form on the page.
todo 849 look at the ReportEngine to check it is not prone to SQL injection (eg. offset, limit).
todo 2080 Future Enhancements? Allow restriction to month.
todo 2426 : Future Enhancements? Allow restriction to month.
todo 2986 : document this method
todo 478 include checks to ensure method etc are included in structure -
todo 2144 : i8n
todo 2484 : i8n
todo 2485 invariant IDs and names prevents more than one on a page.
todo 2486 convert to tabs when switching between chart and table.